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Forty Caliber Kiss

Forty Caliber Kiss is a hard rock hybrid band based out of South Texas. The band is known for their energetic, melodic sounds, and unforgettable live performances. The group began in 2016 as a project between Ramsey Ramirez and Frank X. Salinas. Upon the departure of the other members of the band the project was place on hiatus.

Ramsey released the bands debut EP “Long Shot” in May 2018 for fear that the music he had so proudly help create would never be heard. The debut has garnered the band national attention amassing over 10,000 monthly listeners and 40,000 streams combined over multiple platforms.

In late 2018, the group was resurrected with new members Mike Saldana, JJ Gomez, and Samuel Longoria. The 3 new musicians brought a new vibe to the music and a solid chemistry to the lineup creating a new atmosphere for Forty Caliber Kiss.

The group has gone on to perform alongside various touring acts including Puddle of Mudd, Orgy, Tantric, Brand of Julez, Motograter, Sons of Texas, and Immortal Guardian. Fueled by the passion of their sound Forty Caliber Kiss has begun to invade venues across Texas with aspirations of moving rapidly.

Ram Caliber – Lead Vocals
Frank Salinas – Rhythm Guitar
Sam Longoria – Lead Guitar
JJ Gomez – Drums
Mike Saldaña – Bass

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